Traffic, SEO & PPC

Without Traffic Your Practice is Invisible
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Organic Traffic (SEO)

Organic Traffic is the best kind of traffic. Why you ask? Because it's free and converts at a high rate. The problem is everyone wants it so getting organic traffic for Podiatrist is no easy task. That's where our SEO skills come into play.

We're experts at generating highly targeted, organic traffic for Podiatrists and have been doing so for nearly 20 years.

We'll optimize your site in a way that, over time, your practice will have a solid predictable stream of organic traffic.

Don't be coned, it won't come quickly and you can't buy it. However if your site isn't build correctly you'll never get much organic traffic.
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Paid Traffic or PPC

So the good thing about paid traffic or SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) is that you essentially get to rent a high spot in Google's search results page thereby getting immediate traffic to your site. The problem is that Podiatrist pay per click campaigns can get very expensive and inefficient if you don't know what your doing. Techniques change frequently, competitors click your ads etc.

We've been running Podiatrist pay per click campaigns for years and are experts at how to create and run efficient, effective & measurable pay per click campaigns for Podiatrists.

Another cool thing about Podiatrist pay per click campaigns is that you have full control. By that I mean its not a recurring charge. For example if your going on vacation or know your area has a slow time of the year you just pause that campaign with us. No need to waste ad dollars when you don't need to spend.
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Directories & Listings

Another important source of traffic for your practice is from Internet directory and Podiatrist Listings. Podiatrist directory listings provide trusted links back to you primary website and serve as another piece of digital real estate to promote your practice.

We also manage correct and sync your listings across the Internet. Why is this important? Simple. We want to make sure Google and other search engines know your real listing details. The vast majority of small business listings are duplicates or contain errors. While the Google Algorithm is good sometimes it needs help to know which data set is real.

Rather that use an annual service where you essentially rent the fixes and pay annually, we fix your listings once and then as needed going forward and its all part of your package, no extra charges. 
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Google & GMB

So here's a pro tip whether you become a client or not. Make absolute sure that you have claimed and updated your Podiatrist Google My Business Listing (GMB). This is the most powerful free source of Internet traffic you have access to. Albeit you won't receive much unless your doing everything else you've discussed regarding promoting your business.

Again as Podiatrist Marketing experts for nearly 20 years we can leverage your GMB listing in ways your not familiar with to help both your traffic as well as your search rankings.